Why is green so special right now?

Green is a harmonising and balancing colour.  For many, green soothes, calms and brings out feelings of tenderness and forgiveness. For others, green gemstones conjure up thoughts of nature, lush trees and fields of green, making them feel refreshed, tranquil and cheerful. 

The colour green implies beginnings, new growth and renewal.  The Ashiana design team felt this was an important concept to embrace going into the new season and something we wanted to bring to you.

Ashiana London Malachite Earrings

Do gemstones have meaning?


Malachite has been used since 4000BC since being mined in Egypt.  It had a big presence in 1970s and 80s jewellery and it’s the memories that our creative director had of her mother’s jewellery that made her so keen to launch it for Ashiana. “Malachite has a edgy and retro feel to it and no swirl in a stone is the same so each piece is truly unique” – she explains.  “Also spiritually its known for attracting wealth, success, and luck while also providing protection – what more can you ask for?”

Green onyx

Onyx is known to represent intelligence, it embodies the meaning of growth and patience in equal measure. A variety of Chalcedony it is believed to have healing properties for those who wear it.

In crystal therapies, Green Onyx promotes good health and well-being. It encourages self-love and helps people rediscover their purpose.

Using both these stones in their varying shades of green is the perfect embodiment to start again – to have a refresh and reboot for the new season.  The colour will uplift your existing wardrobe and with spiritual properties like these – we are more than happy to layer the jewellery on!

November 15, 2023