This is Cassie and her Mother. Cassie is a primary school teacher here in London, she is Portuguese but grew up in Dubai, which is where her parents still live. Cassie and her Mother have always been very close, but due to the pandemic & travel restrictions they didn't see each other for almost 2 years. 

Cassie's Mother finally made it to the UK for Cassie's wedding day and it was a scene of warmth with tears of joy. As a wedding gift Cassie was gifted jewellery from the Ashiana interchangeable range - A necklace, bracelet and set of charms. Her mother was given the same. Cassie and her Mum wear the necklaces and charms on important days so that they feel connected in spite of the distance between them. After Cassie fell pregnant and went for her first scan she sent this gorgeous message to her mum - 'we have you hear with us'. Both Cassie & her Mother wore the necklace chains with evil eye pendants on the same day, for good luck. They both believe this necklace gives them a connection and brings them closer despite all the obstacles that have been put in their paths. 


November 15, 2023