Our Design Journey

"The jewel in our crown at Ashiana will always be people. From our talented artisans in India to our teams in the UK and customers supporting us around the world – we couldn’t exist without any of you."



Team Ashiana

We strive to positively impact every person within our design chain. As an ethically minded business we constantly assess our practices to ensure we are operating under a fair and ethical policy. Ashiana’s global teams receive a fair wage which in turn allows them to support themselves and their families and helps them all to grow alongside us.


Ethically Handmade

We ensure all suppliers we work with adhere to the same principles. At Ashiana we have had our workshop for over a decade allowing us to maintain our pay promise, working conditions and quality assurance.

Most of our team members globally have been with us for over a decade and we aim to promote a family and community workplace that is inclusive and welcoming.

When sourcing outside our workshop we work with Sedex-approved factories to ensure our ethical trading practice will carry through.

"One design style might be reviewed by 12 different team members before the final product is launched."



Creating Collaboratively

Our founder Anastasia visits India frequently for both design work as well as to monitor first-hand our supplier’s business practices.

The design process starts in our London HQ where our team work together on trends and colour forecasts. Anastasia then sends the designs to our India workshop director, Deepanjali who has worked alongside Anastasia for over 18 years.

Deepanjali will then work with suppliers using CAD designs, sketches and swatches to source components and bring these in-house to our own workshop. Sometimes the sourcing and creation process can take several months before we can even begin putting them together to complete a design. Our Delhi team then pieces together the components with the Ashiana signature look in mind.


Skilled artisans at work

Our team in Delhi is made up of skilled jewellery artisans, many of whom have been creating Ashiana London designs for over a decade.


Crafted with care

Keeping this process in-house allows us to ensure that the designs are unique, well-crafted and have that essential handmade artisan feel to them.

Once Anastasia has overseen sampling and finalised collections in Delhi they are sent to London for review by the team. One design style might be reviewed by 12 different team members before the final product is launched.

We take great pride in promoting handmade practices and work very closely with all our skilled artisans to bring you these unique and carefully crafted pieces.

Just the beginning...

We recognise that to be a truly ethical business our work is never done. We are continuously looking at ways we can improve and tread even more lightly on the planet, whilst supporting our artisan makers.