Lockdown and Covid has taught me many things about love – about all the kinds of love there is in the world and sometimes in the most unexpected places. 

I am not talking about heart racing, can’t eat kind of love – but just a nurturing good for your soul kind of love I have seen in the past year. From neighbours that have come forward to help me as a single mother to the kindness shown by friends when I reached lows in my life. Without this love and support, so many of us would be unable to cope. This Valentines is a different one for me – its about showing love in all forms – love for friends, for neighbours and for family. It’s of course also about the heart beating fast - can’t eat kinda love as well…..who doesn’t like a bit of that!


Pink gemstones correspond to the heart chakra, love, and affection. They each have different meanings, but many are used for emotional healing, attracting love, and feeling connected to Divine Love.
Let’s look at some key picks for Valentines for friends, girlfriends, teachers, nurses, mums, - just for someone wo has been a real treasure – something to brighten their day and say thank you. We love pink stones at Ashiana!

Necklaces – bring love close to the heart with a simple stone drop. Great on its own and with layers of other necklaces – great for a pop of colour! 

Cosmos necklace in pink

Acapulco necklace in Pink


A statement coin necklace on its own with a pop of pink look no further than our best selling Roman Coin necklace and Spell coin necklace both launched in Pink.

Spell coin necklace in pink jade



Nothing says friendship like a friendship bracelet - for that we have lots of options –single or layered they are a great gift – even if you keep one for yourself 


Gemini bracelet with a pink tassel


Bags – pop of pink in a handy waterproof pouch – so useful for so many reasons from toiletries, to a place for masks and sanitizers. Check out our pink options


May 01, 2020