anastasia ashiana founder india trip

After our season’s shows draw to a close and our collection goes on sale for autumn and Christmas, it’s my time to get creative again. October and November act as inspiration months for me. I travel to India with the ideas, ribbons and trinkets I have collected from my travels around the world in the months prior. I then spend time in markets to collect even more! Stones, shells fabrics, leathers – I surround myself with this and start designing. 

ashiana london anastasia in india

Arriving in India to design is like opening Pandora’s Box. The rich tapestry of colours in Jaipur quickly fill my design canvas. Time spent here is in sourcing, collating and working with the team in creating designs that we hope will excite you! For the time that I am here I eat, smell, breathe and sleep colour. India is a fountain of inspiration for so many great poets, artists, and designers. From India I also try and take that inspiration and translate this rich experience into what becomes Ashiana.

india delhi street life art

November 30, 2019