What is your background and when did you first become interested in becoming an accessories designer?

I think becoming an accessories designer was instilled in me when I was a child without me even realising! There was a point in my childhood where I lived in India and having an Indian mother I got to see the real India. My Mother has a love of jewellery and so she would design jewellery with her sources and I would always join her when I could, I remember as a child playing with all the gemstones and watching the creation and making process  - always full of colour. My Mums designs were so popular that soon she was commissioned by people to design their pieces and so the love affair was born.

You've just launched the new spring/summer collection. Can you tell us more about the new collection and your design process behind it? 

Globally with the pandemic we have all been through a really tough year. The idea behind spring summer was to focus on two things – things that bring joy and colour and things that stay relevant. So we brought back some best sellers and classics as well as styles from our archives and gave them new life – so like a rebirth! And then colour – I am hoping that this summer we see more freedom and optimism and our colours reflect that. By wearing bright and bold colour we hope to bring some sunshine to our customers' lives.

Can you tell us more about the semi-precious gemstones have you used this season? 

A new stone for us is grey moonstone – it's such a soft flattering shade of creamy white. It catches the light as you move it. For colour pops we love chalcedony. We dye it in bright hues as it takes the colour so well – so we have 3 shades of blue and a hot pink that just screams happiness.

What are your favourite jewellery styles in the new collection & which do you predict will be the best sellers?

I adore literally all of our coin necklaces. They are the most perfect pieces for all year round – an example of a piece that will stay relevant. I think those will sell well. I love the Wanda hoops and am so excited to bring them in turquoise for the summer. I think both Wandas and coin necklaces will be sure to be best sellers again.

What is your favourite bag style this season?

 I am in love with Gatsby beaded pouch in aqua and gold. I love the art deco design - the full beading and the colours of aqua and gold in that design are just perfect. I am also in love with the Athens beach bag from our collaboration with Anna Mavridis - I have always wanted to do something with a bamboo handle. 

What are your most popular designs?

Hard to say! In jewellery it's anything with a coin and in bags it's our beaded clutches and make up bags. Both are classics for us and sell well every season.

How have you had to adapt as a business in the time of Covid? 

Yes massively! We have become much more active on Instagram to reach out personally for the support of our customers – private and boutiques.

We are a small brand and we rely heavily on our stockists but they had to shut bricks and mortar. So we helped them get our products online and changed imagery etc.  We also tightened our collection to make it smaller so we don’t lose money on holding stock, invested more in online and just found new ways to sell. All our trade shows were cancelled so it was about finding new ways to show the collection  - online, zoom calls and catalogues – basically we have adapted to what our stockists have asked for and kept our service tailored for each of them.  It’s been a mammoth task as we are a small team.

It's been a really hard time for the business but we are still here fighting to stay relevant and with the support of customers, stockists and the instagrammers we are still here.

You've recently launched a sell-out range in collaboration with Helen & Abi. Do you have anything else in store?

Yes we do! They have been fab and we have been floored by the outpouring of love and support. We will be launching new charm sets and earring sizes. It’s a perfect mix and match product.  We are also looking at taking the concept into necklaces and bracelets.

Can we expect anymore exciting collaborations in the future?  

We have the summer babe Anna Mavridis launch for this summer. We delayed it last summer due to Covid. Anna and I designed this collection together in Athens (pre Covid) and it’s a great one! Just pure classic yet eclecticstyles you will WANT to have in your wardbrobe.  Super excited about this one too!


February 28, 2021