January and February and notoriously hard months for us to plough through, after dark and cold days.

At Ashiana HQ we wanted to bring you light and focus on spreading love, joy and overall good vibes. We want to celebrate you – Galentines, Valentines or just Appreciation of Someone.   


Did you know that pink is believed to represent love, compassion, and inner peace. It is believed to have a soothing effect on the mind and can help individuals connect with their emotions and innerselves. Pink is also said to have a healing energy, promoting harmony and balance in one's life. 

We are well known for our range of striking colours. This new season has a strong focus on pink hues – a shade to suit all skin tones. We like to see life through our rose coloured glasses.  So spread the love by giving someone a gift in Pink this season – just to let them know you care . 



February 01, 2024