1. Choose your base chain





2. Pick your length

Small 16-inch choker

Medium 20-inch short necklace

Large 32-inch long necklace


3. Select your charms

With over 20 charms to go for, why not add more than one to your chain. 

Interchangeable charms


4. Add your charms

Make the necklace uniquely yours. Use the links provided and add your charms

For the Bardot and Piaf - any charm can be added to the claps rectangular ring at the bottom.  Simply push one side back to open  - loop on your charm and you are set to go.  Our Elise chain is even more versatile. Every second link in the chain opens allowing you to add charms all along the chain.

5. Style your look

How will you wear yours? Style with a simple blazer, t-shirt and jeans. Or pair with a maxi-dress for summer. Mix and match charms to suit your mood and your style.

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November 15, 2023